Saturday, May 16, 2015

When You Do Good, People Notice

I can't believe my last blog entry was back in December of 2014! Time definitely flies by! Though I rather have long breaks in between, than no entries at all.

So, not to use it as an excuse, but these past few months have been quite hectic outside of my has been extremely busy in my non-art related job. I thought that being busy in my job was keeping me from my artwork and from creating. It was keeping me from dedicating necessary time to something I love so much. All these ideas were coming to me while at work in the middle of projects and I had to quickly sketch them on sticky notes, pads of paper, on whatever I had in front of me in order to capture that creative idea and to later explore it further. I was feeling frustrated, as painting truly helps me heal and disconnect. I wasn't able to dedicate time to my art. I was experiencing a feeling of discontent and of not accomplishing or fulfilling my creativity. I was actually being quite hard on myself. I would try to paint or draw after work, but I would find myself feeling so exhausted that I couldn't even focus. This genuinely angered me because I thought I wasn't being true to what I enjoy most. 

This imbalance actually reminded me of a very important and very true statement that I learned from Oprah a few years back. It's actually a lesson we all know, but for me, it took someone like Oprah to verbalize it to make me realize how simple, yet so true, the statement is - which is: When you do good, people notice. So simple, right? Well, I realized that although my non-art job isn't a passion of mine, I still take pride in the work I do, as it greatly contributes to my reputation...and our reputation is one of the most valuable qualities we have as human beings. I realize that the work I do on a daily basis is with the purpose to help and to teach. This may not be my calling, but I do have a responsibility to those I assist and those I teach. All the hard work and good work I dedicated these past few months, was certainly noticed...and it was noticed directly by those I assist and teach. That to me, was so powerful and so rewarding, that it actually empowered me, it energized and inspired me to embrace my artwork and create within a state of gratitude and satisfaction.

You know how they say that God or a higher power has a bigger and better dream that what we can dream for ourselves? Well, this was certainly confirmed for me. Why? Because, while I was feeling frustrated and under the impression that I was not being fair to myself for not dedicating time to my art, there was this energy being set in motion without me knowing it. 

Once this extremely busy period ended at work and it was received in such a positive manner, I now have the time to dedicate to my art. While looking through my personal email, I revisited an email I had received a month ago, which I had labeled as "too good to be true" and dismissed it. This email was an invitation to participate in an Art Fair (Parallax Art Fair) in London this coming July. For some reason, I immediately thought it was some sort of scam...I have no idea why. I ignored it, but then this curiosity started peeking through. I started wondering how and why I had received such an invitation. I decided to reply to the email, thanking them for their consideration and for inviting me, but politely asking how they even came across my work and my contact information. Turns out they saw my website through my presence in Artfinder. Artfinder is a website, an authentic art marketplace, connecting independent artists with buyers who value craft, quality and originality. 

So, what's the point of me sharing this? Well, to me, it simply confirmed that regardless of what we do...if it's good, if it contributes in a positive way and it doesn't cause any harm, it will be noticed and recognized. Our intention is set forth and the universe conspires to set things in motion and make things happen. Things that we never really thought could happen to us. Becoming aware of my every intention, means doing only those things that come from the truth of who I am...and only doing what truly pleases me to do. With every experience, we alone are creating our own work of art, thought by thought, choice by choice. And beneath each of those thoughts and choices lies our deepest intention.